Exile: Day One

There are 5 stages of Grief:





and Acceptance.

I’m not sure which stage I’m in

I think

it’s the Fuck You stage.

You said you need a month

of burned bridges

no choice

but to set this investment


Last week, we held each other

like two lost children

following breadcrumbs

back home.


you tied me to the stake

brought the kindling

and turned your back

as if it would be easy

for you to strike the match.

To make your heart rot.

Smoldering in your chest

Ignoring the smell.


Hello Hello Hello!

so I submitted my manuscript for the Write Bloody publishing contest a couple weeks ago. Crossing fingers!! Other thanthat, things are still progressing well with the baby and I am going to try to get back into a mental writing mode during the next few weeks because I’ve had some new ideas for poems.

Also, in the next month, every day, I will be posting a poem each day as part of my project for this month: “Exile” The theme of these poems will be about relationships, love, control, negotiation, polyamory, and self discovery. It is a very personal piece as part of my own processing of recent events in my lifeĀ and I would love to invite you along on the ride towards more self love and self acceptance. Hope you join me!