i was once the rock skipping champion of plumas county

I write you a letter every day

crinkle the paper

rip it slowly

let it sink into the trash

like a striped waterfall

truth is

we said all we needed to say

months ago

the rest is just what God left over

the scribbled aftertaste
the wet pulp

the stones we gathered

waiting to feel their weight

wishing we had thrown them into



new writing project

starting November 1st I will be embarking on a 30 day writing project partially inspired by the wonderful book by Leah Noble Davidson entitled “Poetic Scientifica” (check it out, it is fabulous)  http://universityofhellpress.com/books/

every day I will post a word from a number of languages, its definition, and a poem to accompany it.

you can see the words I am going to use on October 31st when I will post each one on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/melissarosepoetry

looking forward to seeing what this project brings 🙂



short stuff

I haven’t been working too hard on the “big” new poems  I plan to focus on, however, I have ben writing little things just to get the juices flowing….so here are a couple:


If I ever tell you “I’m fine”

don’t believe me

grab me

and hold me in your arms

ignore the sting.

Tell me it’s ok to lie

tell me my deception isn’t a death sentence

do not hold the weight of my own words

like and anvil

tied to these steel showlaces.

smiling towards iron maidens

letting the wounds bleed out slowly

I was never good at being honest

saving faces

collecting teeth

burying the stitches

still a stumbling cactus

longing to be held.

On seeing your abuser in public:

you’ve been waiting

for the moment

to snap

to scream

to fight back

to cut his throat

watch his blood


standing over him


when you spit

in his face

your saliva: acid

your tears: komodo dragon venom

you will show him

how to smolder

how the purple

on your neck

may have faded

before you thought

to document it

but you’ve never forgotten

its stain

or how the first time

you made love

the bite marks he left on your skin

seemed sexy.

PCC class

my upcoming class at Portland Community College will be featured and highlighted in the front of the arts section of the winter quarter catalog. I’ll be sure to post a link when it becomes available. I’m getting excited for the class! It should be a lot of fun.