Today’s writing

They say you gotta have a gimmick
All I had were bills
Alone in my apartment
Easy money comes
From how much you’re willing
To give
For women
We have options
When the debt builds
I dip my toe in the water
Of showing off my body
Foot fetish websites
Nude photo shoots
Swore I would never be seen
Never show what was precious
I wore wigs
Masking my short coif
Men like long hair
Like their women
I became “web hostess”
In a online red light district
Told myself I wasn’t doing anything
I didn’t already do
By myself
It was better than stripping
Never having to touch the skin of the johns I encountered
I dance in my music box
Trying to attract customers
We talk flirtatious
They pay to see more
To watch me fuck myself
It’s as empty as a one night stand
With some guy you meet at the bar
I tell myself
At least the only hands I feel
Are my own
I wear new names
I tell them they’re handsome
Some want me to see them
I smile
Some say
“Piss on the floor”
“Talk dirty to me”
“Fat pig”
“Dumb cunt”
“Stupid whore”
This is not reality
I tell myself
I can switch off the computer at any time
I can report it
I can leave
But the amount on the screen
Keeps adding up
I last 3 months before burning out
You gotta have a gimmick
Don’t give them anything
Without the money upfront
What I gave
Was more
Than I could carry


Palo Alto Slam Team

I am pleased and honored to be a member of PA’s 2014 team! This summer I will join Bozz, Sevan, Patrick, and Mic representing Palo Alto at this years national poetry slam held in Oakland, CA. I’m so excited!