Less than 2 weeks until the National Poetry Slam

Excitement. Exhaustion. Nerves. Inspiration. Coffee. Cigarettes. Text Messages. Team Meeting. Team Meeting. Practice. Practice. Practice. Team Meeting. Elation. Hope. Nail Biting. Anticipation.



Performing the Mourning After

Thursday my teammate and I got to perform our poem again. This time, for a bigger audience. We were a bit nervous as most of the evening was a bit more fun and light hearted, but our poem was met with a very different reaction this time around. The audience loved it! They understood what we were trying to do and we got a bunch of positive feedback. This made us both feel great considering the poem was misunderstood the last time we did it. I feel so happy that we got the reaction we wanted from this audience, and I am confident that the poem will continue to be better understood in the future.

Aftermath of last week

I spent the last week defending the poem I had written about in my last post while my teammates did the same. I feel like we got the word out what our stance is in this piece and how we understand the situation and culture in which we live in. We had no intention of upsetting anyone by performing this poem, and were not prepared for the response it got (especially me considering it is my story about a real experience that happened to me) and I feel like all those who initially had issues with it were able to see our point of view through dialogue and constructive feedback.
I am not a fan of drama
I dislike confrontation
So I am glad this seems to be over.
We will be performing this piece again for an audience this week with some minor changes so perhaps it will be clearer to all what we are trying to present through this poem.