Updates and new things

Hello Hello Hello!

I’ve needed a good rest after this summer of writing and performing, and it was well deserved, but I am excited to get back in gear and begin working again! I’m currently getting some work together for a brand new manuscript, so if some of my poems on here disappear, they are going into the “Lab” and will reemerge later this spring in (hopefully) a full length poetry book that will be available for purchase soon!

I’ve finally started up my youtube “Poets I Love” series, so stay tuned for new posts about the people who inspire me to write the most on this blog or subscribe to my youtube channel today for the latest video @ melissaroseknows

another thing I’m planning on doing from now on is writing one new poem per week, so keep your eyes peeled every monday for the latest writing adventure!

take care, and lots of kisses and hugs!