A committed relationship

Life is a marriage
The give and take
Of partnership.
Spend enough time with Life
And it will annoy you
It will challenge you
It will leave the toilet seat up
And never wash the dishes
You will move into it
Holding tornados in your mouth
Dreading opening the front door
Life will harden you
And plant weeds
To break up the calluses
Until the day
You feel the gentle kiss of soft soil
And unfolding
You will remember why you exist
You will look up and cum at all the fucking amazing things life has to offer
Counting more blessings than you can hold with your scared and sacred hands
You will stop
And wonder how you got this lucky
Before the next moment
Inhales you back
Into an ocean
You are only just beginning to learn
How to swim in.
This is the give and take
The ride
The commitment
To see it through.
Success is not measured in years
But in perseverance.
You will love Life
And hate it
But every morning you’ll awaken
And renew your vows.


I try to be happy
When I see others succeed
In the ways I
Already aged 30
Have not.
My smile always comes out fractured
Hissing congratulations through
My clenched teeth
Like the last breath
Of a deflated balloon

I try to justify my jealousy
With their luck
Their youth
Their privilege
All the things I was never given
All the ways
They had it easier
From the start
But no
Truth is
I just never wanted to work as hard
For the things I wanted
Always expecting
To be compensated
Just for living

Thought living was hard enough
Why shouldn’t we all be given
Everything we want?