When Life Reflects Back On You

This story vividly resembles my own. When I wrote “the mourning after” this is the point I was getting at. The path to realizing one has been raped and one is a rapist. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for both of these presenters for sharing their story and showing us how to forgive ourselves and others



The ocean has a way

Of forgetting

The bottom feeders know

all too well

What is too heavy to break down.

Treasures sink without a trace

Until they are too deep to discover

Without lanterns

And teeth



You sit on a rock

Dreaming of the shore

Of the man who you love


The one you would cut off

Your tail for.

But you’ll discover

That your scales could not bear the weight

Of the expectations


It is difficult to walk on new legs

You’ll tell him it was never a sacrifice

That the wavering in your awkward knees

Is from his kiss

And not the knowing that comes

With loss

How easily you moved under water

Now he tells you you’re too heavy

To lift


What is sacrifice?

Is it the leaving behind

Or the knowledge

You can never go back

The salt you rub over yourself

Searching for the wounds


Each time you are willing

To let go of who you are

A piece of you is lost forever

You begin to weigh out the parts

Of you that are expendable

Your hair

Your home

Your voice


But you do it for him

For them

And tell yourself

It is worth every slice

Every sting

As you wobble on the sand

Away from what you have chosen to sink

Within yourself