I Come From…

I come  from the space between pain and growth

I come from the sharp inhale before a scream;

The desire to fight against odds–

Always pushing the stones ahead of me.

I come from heavy. From deep and from hard.

From the cracks in the sidewalk that flowers emerge from

I come from empty fields in the winter, waiting for spring

I come from the wetness of hope. The need to plant seeds that may never sprout.

I come from movement. Always moving. Standing still is the first step in my self destruction.

I come from sewing up wounds that may never heal, but shimmer in the sunlight.

I come from the shards of my mother’s silence. The stories she spoke in whispers. I come  from grandmothers who were half venom and half saccharine.

I come from a father who’s struggles shaped me awkward and bent. Who’s words made me hollow and ready for anything.

I come from possibile outcomes and probably disappointment. But still here, I wait for something better. Something stronger. Something sturdy enough to hold onto in this reality of rushing river. The pull of the current.

I am the ocean. Unpredictable at times. Destructive by nature. Waves that smash and change the landscape in a single rush.

I am the sand; small particles that were once too large to fathom

Always changing.

Always changing.


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