• Be ugly. Do not fear the shadow because it is a part of you. To say otherwise is an insult to your ability to be perfect and whole.

  • Truth should be an art piece with many interpretations, honesty should always be absolute and infinite.

  • Turn your pain into the most beautiful mess. Make the colors vibrant and the smells unmistakable. Cover it with glitter. Make it stand out and then leave it for others to admire.

  • Your brain is wiser than your heart but not nearly as adventurous. Plan accordingly.

  • Details are the only differences between us and we are otherwise exactly the same. Others have said this, but no one has said it exactly like I have. When you repeat this, it will be with your voice. No one can be all of us without being ourselves first.

  • Make a quilt out of every mistake you have made and wrap yourself in it. Then hang it on your wall as a reminder of all the ways you were wrong.

  • Make a similar shawl out of every kind decision your have made and wear it daily as a reminder of the person you were born to be.

  • Name yourself daily.

  • Only spend time with the gods who know how to have a good party.

  • Wear every color at once

  • Eat poems and drink the bottled up emotions you keep under the sink

  • Say I Love You to yourself 100 times in the mirror each day.



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