You are swallowing the ocean.

You are gasping for breath under each wave that hits. But you were designed for this. For fullness and exhale. For drowning and air. You are never sinking. You have enough strength to hold on anywhere you choose. Enough evolution to regrow limbs you were sure had been lost. To change. To adapt. You aren’t going anywhere. Sometimes the best places are those that challenge you. You are 5 arms pointed in the right direction. Your feet planted in a single stance of permanence. Here you can finally move slowly, travel at a pace of stillness, seeing how far you can reach while remaining fixed. There is liberation in limits. Innovation within confined space. Anyone can find inspiration in an ocean, but only few can find it in tidepools. Discovering hope in the spaces we want to see as shallow. And there are whole worlds within every oyster. Entire lives inside hardened barnacles. And we are opening. And we are feeling the bottom-the sand between our toes. And we are small, but so significant. And every wave that crashes into us breaks

but we never do.


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